Social & Emotional Intelligence

for Workplace

Social & Emotional Intelligence Drives Meaningful Dollars

Bad Hires

Recruiters and hiring managers who lack strong social and emotional IQ's can cost a company up to 30% of the annual salary of every one of their bad hires.

That's $25,000 for an $80,000 salary.

U.S. Department of Labor

Lost Productivity

41% of workers feeling burnt out from work, and 45% feel emotionally drained.

Actively disengaged employees in the United States cost businesses between $450 billion to $550 Billion in lost productivity per year.


Lost Talent

Annual quitting rate in the U.S. is 26.3%.

Turnover at a 100 person organization (with $50,000 in average salaries) costs $660,000 to $2.6 Million a year.


Lost Customers

Companies lacking highly engaged employees are 22% less profitable and 21% less productive.

That's the bottom line.


Meet Michael

Michael joined your company 9 months ago.

What you know...

Michael is a reliable, high-performing backend engineer

$110,000 annual salary

26 years old

Person of Color

3.5 years of relevant experience

Keeps to himself

Doesn't always take feedback well

Can become impatient with team members

Meets & sometimes exceeds his deliverables

2 team members have complained about his attitude

Will work long hours if needed

Doesn't usually go out to lunch with coworkers

Can appear annoyed in meetings with manager

What you don't...

Michael's father is biracial and his mother is from Belize

His parents divorced when he was 13

Has 3 younger siblings he cares deeply for

Recently broke up with his longterm girlfriend

Hates to fail or disappoint anyone

Can be very hard on himself

Doesn't feel comfortable socially unless with family

Knows he can be impatient and judgemental

Very resilient and self-improving in all areas of his life

Can let his moods negatively affect his focus

Doesn't trust many people based on past experience

Volunteers as mentor at a local high school

Doesn't drink alcohol

Gets negative around negative people

His dad passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago

He listens to the Beatles to remember his dad

One more thing you don't know...

Michael is thinking about quitting


It's simple.

your culture is failing socially & emotionally

Michael is


but you missed it

Meet Blaze

Simple Social & Emotional Development Every Day

Imagine your company has integrated a simple 5-minute Blaze routine into every day.

  • Beginning - start the day with Blaze
  • Middle - break the day with Blaze
  • End - end of the day with Blaze

Now imagine Michael engaged with Blaze for only 25 minutes last week.

  • Mood: Tracked and briefly reflected on 13 moods
  • Memory: Posted 5 positive memories
  • Action: Completed 27 action & reflection steps
  • Connection: Accepted 2 trail buddy requests & gave 2 digital accolades
  • Motivation: Redeemed 1 Donate reward and 1 Share reward.

How Your Company benefits from Blaze:

  • More trust among teams
  • More meaningful relationships formed
  • High performer retention improves
  • Problem-solving culture grows
  • Less dollars are wasted
  • Rise in productivity

How Michael benefits from Blaze:

  • Increases his self-awareness
  • Build better relationships
  • Self-manages negative emotions
  • Becomes more socially conscious
  • Grows positive mindset
  • Adopts problem-solving attitude

Blaze is Fast & Easy

Easy 5-minute daily routine of pausing, acting & reflecting

Blaze Dynamically Engages

Dynamic integration of intrinsic, social & extrinsic rewards.

Blaze Organizes & Measure Real Action

Realtime data on active engagement, feedback & mood

Blaze is Personalized & Measureable


  • Customize teams of leaders and employees with names that match your culture
  • Design your own library system of content with top level and sub categories
  • Convert existing tools, workshops and trainings into measureable steps within the Blaze trail system
  • Design custom badges to be earned upon trail completion
  • Launch custom rewards campaigns for donations, group activities and individual incentives


  • Do you have a framework you'd like to activate and measure? Blaze is your solution.
  • Plug any 5 pillar strategy into Blaze that is focused on the growth of the whole employee
  • We will then track any or all Blaze activities back to this framework, assigning a proprietary scoring model that will provide realtime engagement insights
  • Custom reporting allows for comparative trends based on timeline, department, leader, framework pillar and more


  • Track and reflect on moods and positive micro-memories
  • Choose from diverse avatars
  • Earn badges that reflect the best of your whole self
  • Select from a library of micro-actions and reflections to help nudge your growth
  • View a balanced scorecard that shows your engagement in social & emotional skill developmpent
  • Give and receive positive digital accolades to peers sharing in the growth journey

Blaze Increases ROI on Surveys & Workshops

Skills are grow through daily practice

Trainings lay important foundations for transferring information, but true mastery of skills comes from a commitment to daily practice.

Culture evolves through daily action

Pulse surveys are wonderful check-ins if they can be responded to with a timely and actionable strategy.

Lessons stick through daily experience

Workshops can be excellent launch pads for change, but unless participants have an opportunity to experience these lessons in their daily life, they usually don't stick.

"Organizations are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on employee engagement programs, yet their scores on engagement surveys remain abysmally low."

Harvard Business Review

What Blaze Needs

  • a Leader who cares enough to be a partner in the social & emotional growth of the employee
  • a Culture willing to personalize Blaze to meet their social & emotional needs
  • an Employee's trust that Blaze is a safe environment to explore herself & the world around her.

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