Social & Emotional Learning

for Schools

Negative Feedback Loops in Today's Education System

COVID & Mental Health

During the pandemic, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder

  • 1 in 10 adults reported these symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorder in 2019 

61% of black children have experienced at least one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)

  • Compared to 40% of white children.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among adolescent ages 12-17.


JAMA Pediatrics

Achievement Gaps

In Math, 2% of black 8th-grade students score as Advanced & 14% are Proficient.

  • 44% of white students are Proficient in Math

In Reading, 1% of black 8th-grade students score as Advanced & 15% are Proficient.

  • 42% of white students are Proficient in Reading

In Technology & Engineering, 1% of black 8th-grade students score as Advanced & 23% are Proficient.

  • 59% of white students are Proficient in Technology & Engineering

The Nation's Report Card

Teacher Engagement

Top 5 feelings teachers are experiencing are:

  • Anxious
  • Fearful
  • Worried
  • Overwhelmed
  • Sad

44% of new teachers in public and private schools leave teaching within 5 years

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence & CASEL
Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Equity & Inclusion

When black and white teachers evaluate the same black student, white teachers are 12% less likely to predict the student will graduate high school, and 30% less likely to predict the student will graduate from college.

Black students experience disciplinary action at rates much higher than their white peers.

  • Suspensions are 3.6x higher than white peers
  • Expulsions are 2.8x higher than white peers

National Academy of Sciences
Economics of Education Review

Love of Learning

Drives Academic & Workplace Achievement

39% of 4th graders and 50% of 8th graders view math favorably

34% of 4th graders and 26% of 8th graders view reading favorably

Students with high favorability towards math score 20 pts higher than students with low favorability

Students with high favorability towards reading score 30 pts higher than students with low favorability

95% of white collar workers use math

82% of them use fractions

99% of white collar workers read

76% of them read books

Meet Maya

Maya is new in your school this year.

What you know about Maya.

14 year old girl


2.9 GPA


Seems disinterested in school at times

Not many friends

Classmates complain she is moody

Her math teacher thinks she looks angry

Maya's on time and ready to learn

Very organized

Many days her hair is not brushed or styled

Takes saxaphone

Enjoys reading

What you don't know about Maya.

Maya's mother is black and her father is biracial (black & white)

Parents divorced when she was 8

Lived with her father until he passed away when she was 12

Her mother suffers from mental illness and addiction

Grandfather is legal guardian

Loves reading and writing sci-fi stories

Wishes she wasn't so shy

Really wants to make friends

Was a straight A student before her father passed

Finds it hard to relate to other kids

Sometimes misses her Mom, sometimes hates her

Father played saxaphone

Misses life when her parents were together

One more thing you don't know...

Maya is depressed & hates school


It's simple.

Your school system failed her socially & emotionally

Maya is


but you missed it

Meet Blaze

Simple Social & Emotional Development Every Day

Imagine Your School integrated a 5-minute Blaze routine into every day.

  • Beginning - start the day with Blaze
  • Middle - break the day with Blaze
  • End - end of the day with Blaze

Now imagine Maya engaged with Blaze for only 25 minutes last week.

  • Mood: Tracked and briefly reflected on 13 moods
  • Memory: Posted 5 positive memories
  • Action: Completed 27 action & reflection steps
  • Connection: Accepted 2 trail buddy requests & gave 2 digital accolades
  • Motivation: Redeemed 1 Donate reward and 1 Share reward.

How Your School benefits from Blaze:

  • More trust in the classroom
  • More meaningful relationships formed
  • High potential engagement improves
  • Problem-solving culture grows
  • Rise in love of learning
  • Growth in academic achievement

How Maya benefits from Blaze:

  • Increases her self-awareness
  • Build better relationships
  • Self-manages negative emotions
  • Becomes more socially conscious
  • Grows positive mindset
  • Adopts problem-solving attitude

Blaze is Fast & Easy

Easy 5-minute daily routine of pausing, acting & reflecting

Blaze Dynamically Engages

Dynamic integration of intrinsic, social & extrinsic rewards.

Blaze Activates & Measures SEL Frameworks

Realtime data on active engagement, feedback & mood

Blaze is Personalized & Measureable


  • Customize classes of teachers and students with names that match your culture
  • Design your own library system of content with top level and sub categories
  • Convert existing content, workshops and curriculums into measureable steps within the Blaze trail system
  • Design custom badges to be earned upon trail completion
  • Launch custom rewards campaigns for donations, group activities and individual incentives


  • Do you have a framework you'd like to activate and measure? Blaze is your solution.
  • Plug any 5 pillar strategy into Blaze that is focused on the growth of the whole student
  • We will then track any or all Blaze activities back to this framework, assigning a proprietary scoring model that will provide realtime engagement insights
  • Custom reporting allows for comparative trends based on timeline, school, class, teacher and more.


  • Track and reflect on moods and positive micro-memories
  • Choose from diverse avatars
  • Earn badges that reflect the best of your whole self
  • Select from a library of micro-actions and reflections to help nudge your growth
  • View a balanced scorecard that shows your engagement core social & emotional skill development
  • Give and receive positive digital accolades to peers sharing in the growth journey

How Blaze Succeeds

  • a Teacher who cares enough to be a partner in the social & emotional growth of the student
  • a Culture willing to personalize Blaze to meet their social & emotional needs
  • an Student's trust that Blaze is a safe environment to explore herself & the world around her.

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