Blaze is a public benefit corporation that integrates social, emotional and academic learning. As a student-centric platform, Blaze provides a seamless learning experience between classroom & home. Based on leading education and human science, Blaze maximizes engagement and impact through a system of daily micro-actions and micro-reflections.

Our Urgency of Now

Students across the socio-economic spectrum are suffering the consequences of inadequate social & emotional development. Negative outcomes include: anxiety, depression, suicide, disinterest in school, substance abuse, crime and a recurring struggle to become a consistent, productive member of the labor force. This lack of core human development adversely affects disadvantaged communities and students of color at a highly disproportionate rate, evidenced by the massive achievement gap between black and white students in the U.S.

Our Founding Team

Blaze didn't happen in a vacuum. This team is why empowering young people to solve problems is the key to a peaceful & prosperous future.


VP of Kids - Design & Problem Solving


VP of Kids - Strategy & Creative


VP of Next Generation

Alexis Gunartt

Head of Common Sense

Every Student

Chief Inspiration Officers

Key Advisors

These are the individuals have have helped propel Blaze forward in a variety of ways.

Paul Goren

SEL & Superindendent Advisor

Tony Villa

CEO & Software Advisor

Dave Husain

CEO & Digital Advisor

Brandon Stiller

Teacher & Academic Advisor

Jessi Chartier

Education Technology Advisor


Principal of the Year, PhD & SEL Advisor