Grow Empathy & Inclusion

Creates a culture with less fear & more empathy, curiosity & inclusion.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Proactively treats & prevents stress, anxiety & depression by building skills & habits through micro actions & frequent recognition.

See the Whole Student

Provides deeper insights into the individual student, allowing educators to better identitfy & support those who traditionally go unnoticed.

Build Healthy Identities

Helps students discover & nurture more meaningful identities & relationships.

Create a Problem-Solving Culture

Activates a social, emotional & mental health problem solving culture among students, teachers & parents.

21st Century Technical Skills

Students explore and reflect upon the most current trends in the world of technology.

daily habits and skills@2x

Just 5 Minutes a Day

Blaze is a simple system that positively affects complex issues.

Built upon an SEL Engagement theory of change, Blaze seamlessly compliments any curriculum at any grade.

Activate Any Content

Our adaptable framework converts static SEL content into actionable micro-steps.

Gamified Incentives for Personal Growth

Students build and sustain daily momentum through incentives that reward micro-achievements.

A Wealth of Engagement Data

Blaze delivers SEL-aligned engagement reports to teachers, principals and district leaders.

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Over 160 Student Testimonials!

Below are 162 reasons why schools must empower their students with a solution that nurtures their social & emotional well-being and growth.

I think Blaze did help my self awareness because it allowed me to pin point what I was feeling, when usually I don’t have time to do that during school. I also like how it shows you what you were feeling on the same day the previous week, so I can see patterns in my moods.

Blaze made me more aware of my feelings and how much stress I put on myself everyday and honestly which of my friends were actually friends.

Blaze helped me to become more positive by making me more aware.

Blaze helped me be more conscience of how I feel and what I feel.

Blaze helped me get to know my classmates.

Blaze helps me manage my priorities and remember to balance my work with personal time to enjoy stuff.

With Blaze, I thought about how i felt rather than just go through the day.

Blaze makes me reflect on things I wouldn’t think about.

Blaze allows me to reflect on how I am feeling so I can better understand myself.

Blaze helped me be more present and aware of my mood each day in class in many ways.

Blaze made me more aware that I am always stressed and I need to figure out a way to not be stressed. For example on blaze it says “ On Mondays I feel…” and “On Fridays I feel…”. On my blaze it notes how I am always stressed, which I think is the cause for many other problems.

Blaze helped me to ground myself more than anything and keep a focus on my stress levels and emotions.

Blaze helped me keep track of my moods and it was very helpful.

Blaze definitely helped me with my self awareness by helping me recongize my feelings, strengths, and limitations every day.

Blaze helped me think about how my day went and showed me how I really feel

Blaze helped me know my routine and emotional awareness.

Blaze helps me with figure out my strengths. I really should start using the trail aspect because I think it could help me become a better person.

I have always had trouble with self awareness and Blaze has very much helped me with it.

Blaze really helped with trying to identify goals and how to accomplish said goals.

Blaze helped me recognize how I could improve my day or improve somebody else’s day.

Blaze helped me be more present and aware of my mood each day in class And helped me realize im having either a good or bad day and think about how i can change it.

Blaze helps me reflect my day and how I work.

Blaze helped me understand or acknowledge how I feel throughout the day because sometimes classes go by fast and at the end of the day I don’t know how I’m feeling but with blaze I was able to be aware of my feelings.

Blaze has helped me show gratitude, stay on track with life, get organized, and stay in check with myself and how I can become a better person.

Blaze helps me get in touch with my emotions at least once a day and let me reflect on the day so far.

I can see my emotions and I can see what days I need to change them and how to do it.

Blaze helped me realize how I felt when it wasn’t very obvious.

Blaze helped me realize my emotions and what feelings i feel more often than others.

I do like starting the day with Blaze. It’s different than my other classes because usually we come in and start working immediately, but Blaze allows me to relax a little before class. I do think we occasionally spend too long on it at the beginning of class, but its a good idea and we should continue to use it.

YES! I love blaze and I love looking back on my past moods and seeing what my moods are constantly.

I like starting off with Blaze because we get the chance to reflect on how we’re feeling, how our week is going, and what we need to do better outside of school as well as inside of school.

Blaze makes me reflect on my mood which can be helpful.

I enjoy checking into blaze because it give me a mental break and has me reflect on my day and how I am feeling.

I thought that blaze was kind of annoying at the beginning of the year but I’ve grown to enjoy it.

I like blaze because it reminds me to consider how I feel on things relevant in my day to day life. There have been multiple occasions where I realize the stress I’m under because I log my feelings on Blaze.

I enjoy blaze because it gives a moment of self reflection in the day i would otherwise not have.

I like blaze because it’s easy and gives you chance to journal something, which I wouldn’t do otherwise.

I do like blaze because it helps me better visualize how I am really feeling on certain days and i can write about what I am excited for or what I am looking forward to coming up in the week or something.

I really like Blaze because I feel like it is important to take a little time to self reflect each day.

I really like Blaze because it was a great to check in on my emotions Daily.

I do like using Blaze at the start of the period. I like to log my mood and be able to look back at all my past moods. It also tells you how you usually feel on Fridays and Monday’s. It always says tired. But I like logging my moods.

I like blaze, because it gives me a chance to think about how i am feeling, because in other classes we go straight to working, which makes the day stressful.

I enjoy using blaze to relax myself and ground myself before getting go into work during class; it’s a nice start to the class.

I like blaze because it eases us into class.

I really like Blaze because it helps me get prepared for class.

Blaze is a good way to get me focused and ready for class

I like starting a day with blaze because I like to check in my emotions daily and write down memories in blaze.

I like blaze because it is a good time to reflect on my day.

I like blaze because it’s like a check in with myself.

Its a great way to think about the day and then put it all into words.

I like blaze because it makes you think about how your day is going.

Blaze helps me reflect on my day so far and set goals for my personal life.

I think it’s cute bc of the pictures of the emotions. I also like to take a minute to see how I’m feeling and how I normally feel

I like tracking my mood and looking to see how I feel throughout the month.

I liked blaze because it was cool to see my last emotions

I like Blaze because it helps me to reflect, be thankful and be productive with trails.

I really like Blaze because it was great to check in on my emotions daily it’s nice to realize im doing good;)

I like blaze because it gives me a moment to reflect on my day so far

I like Blaze because it is a fun thing to do and it helps me reflect

It’s exciting because of the amount of tokens I can get from trails and the trails are very helpful because I am able to write my thoughts and create trails with friends!

Blaze has a feature where you can see your emotions and how many times you’ve used on per day or monthly and that’s cool because I can see that I’ve felt tired 14 times and that’s nice to keep track off and see it change.

I LOVE blaze because it makes sure I’m in tune to how I’m feeling every day. Ive learned to be honest with myself and my emotions (not saying that I’m happy when I’m not)

I really really enjoy blaze. Somethign about telling my self I’m in a calm and peaceful mood helps me be and stay calm and peaceful.

I like starting my day with Blaze because I get to see how I am feeling throughout the week and I can see what days I’m the most stressed and what days I feel good.

I really like blaze because when we get points we can all put them together to get rewards and it’s a great way to start class.

I like using blaze because it takes a break from real school and learning and helps me start class off on a good note.

Blaze was a great stress-buffer in my Senior year and I hope you (teacher) continue using it (for classes).

I found it a useful reminder about my current path on my goal.

Learning how to communicate was a big impact in my life.

It is fun because there are so many options of different trails you can do

It’s fun because the app looks cool and it’s fun to set goals and check in with yourself during in the week

It logs your emotions to make sure you are good. You also can do tasks to make you a better person.

I think it’s useful to log your mood in the morning because I have trouble expressing my emotions and opening up and it’s good to be aware of how you’re feeling and being honest with yourself.

Blaze is very useful because it helps in being self aware of your emotions and it helps you understand yourself and other people better.

Blaze is a good check in with your teacher. Some kids would prefer not to talk but this way you can be honest and no one else has to know.

Blaze is useful to help you monitor your emotions and comprehend how you are feeling each day.

Blaze is fun because it has various topics that you yourself can choose from. Some range from movie reviews, feeding your dog, or learning more about others. It’s a very diverse experience and for that reason, it’s at least worth something.

Blaze is fun because it helps people focus on how they are feeling, and makes them more aware of themselves and sometimes others.

Blaze is fun because of the variety of trails that you could go on. Also, there are trails for education and social awareness which is really useful.

Blaze was fun becasue each day I was able to select the mood I was in and talked to my peers about their mood as well and why they felt that way.

Blaze gives conversation and helps relieve stress.

It was fun getting points and spending the points on rewards.

Blaze is very useful because it helped with my academic journey. It helped me to stop procrastinating and actually get my work done by the end of the week.

Blaze is useful because it’s a quick easy app that allows you to log your emotions. It is an app that rewards you for doing good and does not punish you for feeling sad

1. Blaze works like those lil “routine” things we’d have in elementary school, like cleaning out our desk for points that could be used to buy lil toys or candy. It’s simple, silly, but makes it all the more fun and stress-free
2. Blaze is very easy to use and not difficult to understand, so it never felt disruptive.

Blaze is fun because you can create goals and objectives to achieve. You can also find new goals or objectives by doing trails which shows you something different.

I loved using Blaze because I felt connected to my class and comfortable with sharing with my teacher.

Blaze helped organize what is important for me.

Blaze made me think about my actions more.

By being more aware in the morning and doing blaze, it helped me to be aware throughout the rest of the day and be responsible with my choices.

High School Student

I can talk to people more easily.

I remember a couple of trails that involved having to communicate with someone in the class and I think that was nice, I think there should be more trails like that,

Blaze did help me focus more during class and motivated me to learn something new!

I met new people! So happy.

It made me think more about being kind.

Blaze helped me be able understand and how people feel.

Blaze helped me communicate with others by sharing common interests and moods.

I came out of my comfort zone

I could understand others perspectives like the perspective of a lonely person.

Blaze helped me to use my phone a little less.

I was fun to do two person trails. It was cool to read over our answers and compare.

I learned to accept people for their differences.

It helped me understand that everyone is feeling differently, everyone has different moods and that I should be understanding of that.

Blaze helped me make new friends talk to new people when the trail said to reach out to someone new and get to know someone new in class.

Blaze trails made me talk to more people. I got closer with people and I even got to meet new people in this class 🙂 yay!

Blaze helped me learn a lot about other people.

I better understood the people in my class and where they are coming from.

I’ve been working on my empathy for a while, and Blaze helped me scale how far my empathy has gone.

Blaze made me more conscious of others around me.

Blaze helped me manage stress in the mornings before class. Because blaze felt like a game it really helped manage stress.

Blaze helped me with self-management because before Blaze I used to be stressed a lot for no reason and through using blaze it helped me become less stress.

It helped me get all of my homework done.

I think Blaze does a really good job of allowing us to make goals. It was so much easier to manage my time when I had a weekly goal to check back in every day. I feel like soon after I started journaling my goals, i was much more inclined to achieve them.

Blaze helped me keep up with multi-step projects like the Gas Project. When steps are broken down, they’re easier to deal with, so I was more motivated and focused.

Blaze allowed me to set goals and work towards achieving them. The trails helped me in other goals.

Blaze movivated me to complete my tracks and set new goals.

Blaze helped me go out of my comfort zone.

Blaze allowed me to think of how I was feeling each and why. For example if I was tired one day I would think about why and it was usually because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, so this helped me to prioritize things like sleep to better improve my mood.

Blaze helped interact with the class more

Blaze helped me with with my self awareness. Doing blaze in the morning got me ready for class chemistry.

Blaze helped me realize that everyone need to be nice to each other.

The personal blaze trails helped me with my self awareness by marketing me reflect on my thoughts.

Blaze helped me be more aware of my feelings and my surroundings.

Blaze just helped take that extra second when I didn’t have time during the day. So yes it helped out.

I really don’t think about how I’m feeling but Blaze made me self aware of my emotions.

Blaze helped me stay with the goals I wrote that I wanted to complete and was helpful and useful.

It did help me with self awareness. I was much more aware of my emotions and mood daily.

Blaze helped in some ways with analyasis and just assessing me on questions I’ve never really thought before.

Actually, everyday when I checked in I would actually think about how I’m feeling, something that I usually forget to do

Blaze helped me be more aware of my feelings.

Blaze helped me to be more aware of my mood each day in class. For an example, on days that I didn’t get enough sleep, I noticed that on those days that I’m easily annoyed and hungry.

Blaze helped me keep track of all my moods each week, helping me realize what the cause of my different moods were.

It helped me realize my feelings everyday

I was able to see my moods and how they were during each week.

I think Blaze overall did help with recognizing how I was feeling that day. It was a good way to express your feelings. One days where I was feeling good or happy, i would try to carry out that mood for the whole day. When I went to all my other classes, I would always think about the fun I had in chem and try to be consistent with a good mood which was easy in chem class.

Blaze helped me be more articulate when describing myself or things I know of. Even though I knew I could put whatever response I wanted to earn points, I felt compelled to be as thorough as possible to //really// earn them.

Blaze helped me reflect on my day.

I liked blaze because it was fun to see how my emotions were.

I really liked it because it helped me keep track of my goals.

I enjoyed starting chemistry with Blaze because it was useful to reflect on how I’d been feeling.

I liked doing blaze because it was a nice check in for the beginning of the day.

I like looking back at the memories!

I enjoyed the morning blaze login. It was great to login my emotions everyday. I also enjoyed some of the questions and trails provided.

I enjoyed logging my mood every day on blaze i liked a lot of trails.

I liked blaze because it was fun to check in on my emotions and it was fun to see what trails I could do.

I really liked blaze because it was always a good start of the day to get our brains started for the day.

I really liked logging how i was feeling and just answering the trail questions that there were.

I liked blaze because it made me be more mindful and more aware of myself. I found it helpful to track my moods.

It was nice because it was different. It was actually fun and intriguing.

It was a great way to monitor my emotions on a daily basis.

It was helpful and insightful to look into my emotions.

I really liked using Blaze because I could see patterns on my emotions and I feel like I became more productive since I made goals and accomplished them.

I liked doing the blaze check in every morning because it helped me keep track of my moods throughout the week and it was also a good conversation starter with the people around me.

I like blaze because it helped get ride of stress.

I really liked using it so I can stay up to date on my work.

I like checking in my emotions because I think it’s fun and could be helpful.

I like starting the day with blaze because it helps me track my mood!

I really enjoyed doing Blaze because it was something I could do right away. I didn’t have to wait for anyone to check it, it was all self guided. I like how it wasn’t structured and it was a good way to start new conversations in chem class.

Despite being a Senior, I liked Blaze because it reminded me of those little “routine” things teachers would make us do in elementary school. It was rewarding and fun and a nice start to the day.

It was fun using the trails and earning points to earn rewards.

I loved using blaze! It helped me a ton with my stress.

I really like blaze because it was easy to use!

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