Integrated & Continuous Social & Emotional Learning

where kids and adults practice the skills they normally wouldn't practice - the intangible things

How Blaze Works

Students, Teachers & Parents develop routine & structure around social & emotional life skill development

Self-Awareness & Positive Mindset

Students develop self-awareness & positive mindsets with a 5-minute per day routine of mood and memory tracking.

Complete Easy Micro Actions

Blaze provides over 800 micro-actions designed to guide social, emotional & life skill development.

Adapt Blaze Locally with Custom Trails

Students and adults are empowered to create custom trails that relate to their local environment.

Redeem Rewards to Keep, Share or Donate

Blaze rewards system encourages a balance of keeping, sharing and donating rewards.

Build Positive Social Connections

Trail Buddies & High Fives gives students an opportunity to build meaningful and uplifting relationships with peers.

Personal Dashboards on Growth Momentum

Every action by a student or adult is captured and displayed in their private dashboard to inspire positive reinforcement.

The great difference between Young America and the Old Fogy, is the result of Discoveries, Inventions, and Improvements. These, in turn, are the result of observation, reflection, and experiment.

— Abraham Lincoln

a lecture in Jacksonville, Illinois on February 11th, 1859


5 Reasons Teachers Value Blaze


Trust & Culture Building

"Blaze sets a tone in my class that makes it a safe place to learn and helps it feel like a community. It sparks positive engagement among students while accelerating the trust between teacher and student."


Student-Driven & Motivated

"Blaze is designed to be student-driven and self-motivating. It is a great way for students to release emotion if they are stressed or anxious or tired."


Easy & Non-Disruptive

"Blaze is very easy to assimilate into a classroom. It takes very little effort, requires no integrations and works great on any device."


Current, Personalized & Adaptable

"Blaze creates a personalized experience for both students teachers. It serves as a framework whose content adapts to each student, class or school. Students also find the experience to be very current and relatable."


Multiple Environments & Contexts

"Blaze expands to other parts of a student's life, which makes it a powerful tool. It affects more than just my 40 minutes with my students."


5 Reasons Students Value Blaze


Active Life Skill Building

"Blaze motivates me to take little actions each day that make me feel better about myself ."


Deeper Connections

"Blaze helps me prioritize the important relationships in my life, like family. It also gives me reminders and techniques to build new, positive connections with others."


Self-Regulate Emotions

"I feel safe inside of Blaze. It is not a person who will judge me, so I can share all the emotions I am feeling and even journal why. Just getting these out makes me feel better."


Observe, Reflect & Explore

"Blaze has a lot of variety in the trails and none of them are too difficult. This lets me explore and experiment with new actions and reflections without feeling overwhelmed."


Positive Feedback Loop

"My favorite part of Blaze is that it always feels good to log in. The more I do in Blaze, the more it tells me a positive story about me. There isn't anywhere else in my life that this happens."


Lead feature by Built In Chicago.

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